Top 9 Websites and Tools to Ease Your College Presentations

Giving a college presentation can pique your confidence and creativity. It escalates your communication skills and develops your research and development skills. It prepares the students for their professional life by fighting against nervousness Presentation is one of the best and most efficient ways for students to fiddle with technology. There is a considerable number of tools and alternatives to MS PowerPoint that all students can explore to dodge its monotonous collection of templates and features.

1. Canva

Canva is an exceptional graphic tool. Although it is partially paid, there are numerous free features that are enough to make your presentation impressive. There are myriad templates for presentations, documents, infographics, worksheets, social media, and more. These templates are even categorized by education, advertisement, charity, real estate, sales, etc. You can log in for free and will not have to worry about your designs. Canva gives you access to free images, stickers, graphs, shapes, fonts, and various editing options.

2. Prezi

It comes with a 14-day free trial, but you will not regret using it. Moreover, the charges are pretty less for students. Prezi is more suitable for education and business purpose. Because of its interactive feature, Prezi gives the freedom to choose between a range of customizable templates and rich content. You can even share and present your presentations online to your MS Teams, as well as in the Zoom meeting.

3. Easelly

If you have an economics or business management student, and you have too many infographics to make, then undoubtedly Easelly is your best option. It is easy to use just like the name suggests. It is absolutely student-friendly and even comes up with a money-back guarantee if you are anyhow dissatisfied. Many companies like FedEx and use this tool.

4. Google slides

According to essay writing service eduhelphub, Google slides is one of the most undervalued presentation tools. Anybody with a Gmail account can use it. If you need help writing a paper, you can also use Google Docs and Sheets. In need to deliver a short presentation or if you are too close to your deadlines, then Slides might be ideal for you. Template options are not too much, but it gives you more or less similar features to MS PowerPoint.

5. Keynote

In case you are unaware, this is a great tool for Apple users. Keynote is free to use and is pre-installed on iPhones. It comes with an outline mode and has dynamic backgrounds. It is not web-based and gives minimalistic features like Slide.

6. Pixabay

Images are a part and parcel of a presentation. You may want to use royalty-free pictures and videos, and Pixabay can give you that. The library is filled with over 2.5 million free images, illustrations, and footage that you can add to your presentation. Just type in a keyword and you will be welcomed with too many results. You can use it without signing up. Pexels and Unsplash are two similar online tools.

7. Mixkit

If you want to magnify the experience, then you can add background music to your presentation. Don’t download random instrumental versions of popular songs, instead use stock music that is royalty-free. Get amazing sound effects and video templates as per your requirement.

8. Pitch

Pitch was initially developed for beginners. It is one of the best alternatives to PowerPoint. It lets you customize templates and integrate data from various other platforms. You even get the freedom to surf through your design history and edit it as your convenience.

9. Animatron

It is the best animation-making software. Most of its features are free and it offers high-quality content. Bring your presentation to motion with Animatron. The whiteboard interface gives you the liberty to create engaging stories to grab the attention of your audience. Since it allows you to drag and drop, it is quite easy to use.

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