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The web has been around for more than 25 years now, experiencing euphoric early expansion, an economic-driven bust, an innovation-driven rebirth, and constant evolution along the way. One thing is certain: the web as a communication and commercial medium is here to stay. Not only that, it has found its way onto devices such as smartphones, tablets, TVs, and more. There have never been more opportunities to put web design know-how to use.

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Maybe you are reading this book as part of a full course on web design and development. Maybe you bought it to expand your current skill set on your own. Maybe you just picked it up out of curiosity. Whatever the case, this book is a good place to start learning what makes the web tick. There are many levels of involvement in web design, from building a small site for yourself to making it a full-blown career Visit The Site: f95zone

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Content Wrangling

Anyone who uses the title “web designer” needs to be aware that everything we do supports the process of getting the content, message, or functionality to our users. Furthermore, good writing can help the user interfaces we create be more effective, from button labels to error messages

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Information architecture

An Information Architect (also called an Information Designer) organizes the content logically and for ease of findability. They may be responsible for search functionality, site diagrams, and how the content and data are organized on the server. Information architecture is inevitably entwined with UX and UI design (defined shortly) as well as content management. If you like organizing or are gaga for taxonomies, information architecture may be the job for you.

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I hope that this chapter has given you an overview of the many roles and responsibilities that fall under the umbrella of “web design.” I also hope that you come away realizing that you don’t need to learn everything. And even if you want to learn Creative Agency everything eventually, you don’t need to learn it all at once. So relax, and don’t worry. The other good news is that, while many professional tools exist, it is possible to create a basic website and get it up and running without spending much money by

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