Car Accident Settlements in LA: How Much Can You Get?

Car accidents can instantly turn the lives of victims upside down. Apart from the physical pain and lifestyle changes they have to endure they may also deal with financial concerns. If you have been injured in a car accident, you may want to ensure you get the compensation that can cover all your losses and injuries. So, how much claim settlement can you expect? There is no exact number that represents car accident settlements because many factors influence the outcome of your case. That is why you may need the assistance of a car accident lawyer in LA to help you navigate the complicated car accident claims process. Your attorney will consider the facts of your case, damages you sustained due to the accident, and the severity of your injuries to determine a possible settlement amount to demand from an insurance company. 

Calculating Car Accident Settlements

If you get a settlement offer from an insurance adjuster, it was probably calculated by multiplying your economic damages by a value that indicates the seriousness of your losses. However, this offer does not reflect your true losses. Instead, it is just an estimate that the adjuster came up with by using a formula. When you hire a car accident attorney to handle your case, they can advise when a settlement offer is fair and reasonable. This offer is derived after your lawyer negotiated back and forth with the insurance company. If you have a lawyer on your side, the insurance company may be more willing to make a bigger offer that reflects your actual losses because of the crash. 

Can You Get More from the Settlement?

The majority of car accident claims settle before they reach court. In general, settlement offers from insurance companies are lower than what you can win when your case goes to trial. But taking your case to court does not guarantee an award. A jury or judge will decide whether to award you compensation based on the facts presented to them. 

Although you may want to pursue more compensation by taking your case to trial, your attorney will help you understand that this is a gamble. Thus, although you might recover more compensation through a verdict, there is also a risk of getting less or no money at all. 

To recover a fair settlement, you must consistently communicate with your attorney. Ensure you share with them your bills, information on how your injuries impact your daily life, and other related information.

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