5 Tips for Getting in Touch with TikTok influencers and Negotiating Collaborations

Brands can reap many benefits from the use of influencer marketing. Influencer marketing can help increase brand awareness and get new followers. It also boosts web traffic and drives sales. But a successful campaign depends on working with the right people.

And collaborations rest on your ability to find the right TikTok influencers, connect with them, and negotiate a successful partnership. But negotiating with influencers is difficult, and getting in touch can be too. Don’t worry, because we have 5 tips to help you do both.

1.  Reach out more influencers than you need

You should reach out at least twice the number of influencers you are interested in working with. Are you looking to add 5 influencers to your campaign? Reach out to at least ten.

Why? Because not everybody will be able or willing to collaborate with your brand. Some people won’t answer your emails. Some influencers won’t even open your emails.

Based on our experience, we see the following rates:

  • 70-80% of emails are opened
  • 50% of emails get a link clicked
  • 30% to 40% of emails get openedVisit this site: telugu songs download

A few factors influence these open and response rates. First, it depends on who you are contacting. If you are contacting a top influencer, chances are that you will get a response. But it won’t be the influencer, but rather the manager. They will reply simply to share the influencer’s fees for different content creation services.

On the other hand, micro influencers may not respond as often. Micro influencers have fewer than 50K followers, and they are not full-time social media influencers and often have other jobs. They also don’t have managers, so it may be more difficult for them to reply. That being said, the more your product fits into their content niche, the better chances you have at a reply.

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2.  Make your pitch personal and friendly

It is a bad idea to send influencers a generic template. They’ll see right through it. Make sure to personalize your pitch so influencers know that you have taken the time and reviewed their profile to explain why they are a good fit for your brand.

This is possible with automation, as mail merge tools allow you to add custom fields. These fields allow you to change the name on an email, or the compliment you are sending to influencers. So you can send out a template, but give a unique touch to each version that goes out.

You may want to go one step further if trying to get in touch with a KOL (key opinions leader) . If you are looking for a collaboration opportunity with KOLs, who are highly busy and in high-demand, it might be a better idea to write a custom email by hand. Explain the benefits of collaborating with you, and be clear about what you want.

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Finally, always keep it friendly and casual. Influencer marketing is business, but should be fun. You want influencers to feel comfortable enough with your company to express their creativity and ideas.

3.  If you cannot find their email, send a direct message to TikTok influencers

No email? That’s no problem! First, in case you don’t know, you can use an influencer marketing platform to have the best chance of finding emails from influencers. The software shows you profile analytics, including contact information.

Anyway, you can contact them directly on TikTok if they don’t have an email address. Send them a DM and let them know that you’d like to connect. If they reply, then ask them for their contact details if you need to move the conversation to another channel like email.

Reaching out via DMs on TikTok can also help you avoid managers. While managers can aid in collaborations, it can sometimes prove frustrating to always have to go through a gatekeeper and never be able to talk directly with the content creator themself. TikTok’s DM feature may be a way to bypass the manager and reach the TikToker.

4.  Provide information and answer questions during negotiations

Negotiation is when you determine the most crucial details of the collaboration such as incentive, content creation and deadlines. Be clear with the influencer about the compensation they will be receiving, when the work is to be completed, and what type of content you want.

Further, you can go through the more minor details of your campaign. Think about:

  • Hashtags or discount codes you want influencers to use
  • Certain aspects of your product you want emphasized
  • General aesthetic preferences like certain songs, colors, or styles

Finally, decide how you will make the collaboration public. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and other regulatory agencies are increasingly vigilant about unfair advertising. And influencers are not the only ones responsible; they’ll also take on brands if they see that your influencer collaborations don’t have proper disclosure.

So, discuss whether you’ll reveal the ad in the videos, with hashtags, or both. And make sure that your campaign meets the standards of the regulatory agency that has jurisdiction over it giveme5

5.  Contract or no contract?

Contrary to what many might think, a contract does not need to be used for every influencer collaboration. As a general rule, a contract should be used when influencers are paid in money. But a contract is often unnecessary if they are receiving free products, unless the product is very valuable.

For less experienced influencers, contracts can in fact sometimes prove to be a conversion killer. Many micro-influencers aren’t used to the bureaucracy involved in constant collaborations. They might be intimidated or overwhelmed by a contract, which could lead to them losing a deal.

Should you choose to use a contract, an influencer contract template can be downloaded online. This template allows you to add details about your collaboration and then sign. And if you don’t need a contract to sign, you can send the details by email. If there’s any confusion, both sides can refer back to what they have agreed to in the email.


These five tips should make reaching out to and negotiating successfully with influencers much easier. And don’t be discouraged if you reach out to influencers, but they don’t respond. Follow up, send a DM, or go back to square one and search for different influencers.

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