How Cryptocurrencies Will Impact Finance

Bitcoin was born out of a white paper published in 2008. The paper described a new way to store value digitally without relying on a bank or government. Since then, southafricancasinosites casino cryptocurrencies have followed suit. Some of these newer coins are designed to be faster and cheaper than bitcoin. Others are more stable and secure.

Effects of Crypto on Global Finance

Crypto is already disrupting finance. Thanks to blockchain technology, the field has seen an increase in many different avenues that were never before possible and it is only beginning: I’m expecting to see massive changes across all industries and markets. There will soon come a time when we won’t need institutions for many things because everything can happen online. 

 A few key examples include:​

TransferWise (Europe), TransferGo (Asia) – Online personal money transfer apps using cryptocurrency, where you can send funds globally via SMS. It is similar to Western Union where your recipient receives cash from their bank account.

Payments/Credit Card Processing 

Many major brands accept crypto as payment now. In fact, you can even get paid by shopping at certain retailers through Bitcoin, did you know you can also play real money online casino games and pay with bitcon ! Coinbase and Circle are two companies that process credit card transactions in exchange for cryptocurrency, and they both support Ethereum.


Paypal allows people to send payments to one another. They also provide escrow services to protect against fraud. But, according to some critics, this system could easily be changed into a centralized database with access by governments.

What Does This Mean For You?

The biggest impact of crypto currencies on global finance is going to be in how we handle our daily spending. We are already seeing this unfold today, especially among millennials who are becoming more aware of how much power they give away each day. Instead of handing over their hard earned money to big banks or credit cards which charge high fees, they are instead opting for easy to use digital currency options like Coinbase. 


The world is changing quickly right now. As economies continue growing and businesses begin accepting crypto-currency as payment, real money will eventually become digital. In addition to this, as technology advances, many people believe that data privacy and security will become more important than ever!

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