viu tv | viu india | viu canada | viu com | Viu – A Review of the Video-On-Demand Service

A video streaming service, Viu offers a wide range of content from award-winning films to tear-jerking dramas to terrifying horror movies. The video-on-demand service is operated by Hong Kong-based PCCW Media. Launched in Hong Kong in October 2015, it soon expanded to other Asian countries, including India, Indonesia, and the Philippines. In 2017, Viu also expanded to South Africa and Myanmar. While Viu has been gaining a loyal following in the region, it is still only available in some areas.

There are a number of reasons to upgrade to a paid version of Viu. Its free version is limited to one download at a time, and the resolution is SD (480p). It also only works on smaller devices, such as phones and tablets. However, it gives you 72 hours of access to new episodes. Viu features diverse content in a range of genres, including movies, TV shows, and docu-series. It has something for everyone, from teenagers to retirees. The premium version lets you stream everything and download unlimited amounts of content.

If you’re interested in local content, Viu is a good choice. Premium members get access to updated episodes as early as eight hours after they air on TV, while free users have to worry about illegal content. Viu also has a seamless mobile-to-TV experience, meaning that if you want to watch a Korean drama on your iPhone, you can watch it on the go. The free version lets you watch one episode at a time.

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