Types Of Medical Conditions That Are Eligible For Long-Term Disability Claims

A long-term disability claim helps you secure your future finances when you meet with an accident or injure yourself badly. The insurance policy will mainly cover the time you take off work because of your injuries, provided they restrict your ability to work. 

Sometimes people suffer from long-term injuries after their accidents; while these injuries might not be permanent, they can restrict your ability to work as you did before. So to compensate for the loss of income during your healing, a long-term disability plan can help. 

If you recently went through an accident and wondering about the conditions that qualify for LTD in the United States, contact an LTD lawyer as soon as possible. A lawyer will guide you in the right direction and help you gain financial aid for the time you miss at work. 

Here are some common medical conditions that are eligible for long-term disability claims.

Types of medical conditions that are eligible for long-term disability claims

  • Bipolar disorder 

Bipolar disorder is a psychological issue that causes extreme mood swings in a person that can eventually result in long-term depression and even suicidal symptoms in some cases. People suffering from this disorder need extensive care and medication. 

Most psychological disorders take a long time to heal, and some might not cure completely. However, to stabilize the person so they can perform their day-to-day tasks more accessible, they must be given the required care and rest. 

Some common symptoms of bipolar disorder are feelings of sadness or hopelessness, getting irritated quickly, low concentration levels, pessimism, etc. Living with such feelings becomes extremely difficult, and the person dealing with it cannot focus on work properly. 

  • Cancer 

While cancer cases are rare in accidents, sometimes victims do suffer from the disease. This mostly happens when the victims it exposes to some kind of chemical or gas at a workplace that contains carcinogenic substances. 

There are several types of cancers, like blood cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, etc., that victims can go through. Moreover, cancer affects your physical health and messes up a person’s mental health. Working in such conditions is extremely difficult for the person because they also have to go through painful and strict treatments like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, etc. 

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome 

Chronic fatigue syndrome causes extreme tiredness in the victim, lasting at least six months. The person suffering from this syndrome finds it challenging to complete daily tasks and gets tired quickly. 

Moreover, the victim also suffers from being unable t think, frequent headaches, not being able to sleep or sleeping too much, and dizziness. 

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