Top Simple Yet Effective Boxing Combinations and How to Use Them

Many say that boxing is just a sport that involves three punches. When they mention them, they’ll keep repeating the straight, hook, and uppercut.

It’s hilarious how they could not be farther from the truth. If you’re a professional boxer or even a beginner who’s just beginning the journey, you’ll realize that there’s more to boxing than just three punches.

In reality, all of these techniques can be executed in a different method. Although punches by themselves appear simple, when you combine them as a group, things become fascinating, and you’ll see the magic happen. The good news is that can provide you with an exclusive experience in boxing which will in turn aid you in gaining skills and experiences to help you become a top boxer.

Basic Boxing Combinations

Jab – Right Cross

This is likely to be the first thing you will master when joining an exercise gym for boxing. Why is that? It’s because:

  • Simple
  • Effective
  • This can be applied to numerous different scenarios

Learning to master the jab – right cross-combo could win your fights. It is also utilized as the basis of your style of fighting. In the end, the jab can create almost anything, and it is essential to master the perfect jab and the perfect 2-2-1.

Jab – Lead Hook

Boxers often make use of this combo to deliver devastating and deadly punches. Particularly for those with a lack of the ability to strike with precision, it is difficult to get two punches with the left hand.

Cross – Lead Hook

If you cross without hooks, your opponent will be in a position to attack your square. After you have finished on the hook, it’s a linear situation, making you extremely difficult to target.

You could also try the cross-lead hook on your upper body. A body shot can cause harm to the opponent.

Jab – Cross – Lead Hook (Head / Body)

The primary punch in this combo comes from the hook that leads since it can catch people by surprise. Be sure to be within the range needed to land the hook.

The jab is used to set the stage for the cross, while the jab is thrown with no force; however, it is used to distract. Ensure that your head isn’t in the middle of the field but leaning slightly to the outside of your leading foot to block any punches coming at you and to be in the proper position.

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Jab – Jab – Right Cross

Doubling the jab is a fantastic strategy to confuse your opponent, especially if he’s hoping for a perfect 1- 2. It is easy to see the second jab’s ability to surprise your adversaries.

Another advantage of this combo is it can be thrown at a distance of a great distance. The first strike doesn’t need to hit the object; often, it’s enough to make contact with his gloves to deter him from the movement and then hit the next two strikes.

Jab – Right Uppercut – Left Hook

This particular combination is more frequently utilized than the one we previously discussed. But, it could be used very effectively when you are in the right situation. For instance, if you throw 1-2, the opponent could attempt to slip the right crossing one after a time.

If you can catch him with the right uppercut as they’re slipping and follow it up with a powerful left hook, it could be the end of the line for him.

You’ll see that once the cross has been dropped, your opponent could lower his guard to counter, or simply because he believes you’ll not follow up. There will be a slight slow pause before throwing the hook to allow your opponent to drop his guard and then explode with the hook that leads.

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Right Cross – Left Hook – Right Cross

It is recommended to employ this combo when your opponent is aggressive and rushing at you. This one is quick-range, and every punch should be struck with force.

If you can catch your opponent using that technique when the opponent is coming towards you’ll hurt him in the end.

Jab > Rear Hook (Head)

If you observe that your opponent is in an elevated posture that covers only all of the sides, it’s the perfect moment to make use of this combination. Jabs are the technique for the second time and, when you throw the hook in the rear to the side, whip it into (think speed and precision) and aim at the ear of your opponent, which is open for you to sneak the shot into.

Tips for Throwing Boxing Combinations

Do Not Throw the Same Punch in The Same Area

For instance, the lead hook goes to the head, followed by a second lead hook that goes to the head or two cross-overs in succession. Naturally, they do not flow in a fluid manner, and it is a problem. It can take a while for strikes to hit the target, which leaves you vulnerable. But, certain fighters who are more athletic may do this. In any event, you can try these at your own risk.

Don’t Waste Punches

Your combos, particularly as an amateur, should be two- and three-dimensional. Anything more than that will mean that you’re exposing yourself to more risk and could be throwing away punches. Each punch should have a purpose behind it, and throwing five to six punches in a row could mean that one or two punches could be useless.

Do Not Always Throw the Same Combination

You might have a preferred combination you enjoy using however it’s not recommended to repeat it repeatedly. Mix it with other combinations, or your opponent may figure you out and start timing your most-loved combination.

Move Your Head

After each power punch, your head should not be in the same place (watch out for the clever Counterpunchers!). It’s possible to make exceptions in situations where the combinations are quick and quick, and also your free hand should be open every time.

Learn Positioning

It is essential to keep your combos flowing as fluidly and easily as quickly as is possible. To achieve this, it is essential to know the proper positions to keep after every punch. When you are combining, your upper and lower body must always rotate and pivot to take the next punch.

Final Words

We all have 2 hands and 2 legs. Professional boxers use almost the same combos. The difference lies in the ability to perfect your punches and then delivering them directly to the desired target. Make sure you practice every combination above and practice with care.

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