Things Every Gamer Needs to Know about Microsoft’s Xbox One X

Things Every Gamer Needs to Know about Microsoft’s Xbox One X

Microsoft has announced the next generation of its flagship gaming console, known to fans as the Xbox One X. The new model comes with a number of enhancements over previous models, such as 4K support, HDR (High Dynamic Range) visuals and improved graphics capabilities.

With more than 100 million units sold, the Xbox One line is one of Microsoft’s most successful devices. From the original Xbox through to the latest Xbox One S, the company has had great success in both developing online casino sa games and promoting them. We’ve got the full breakdown of this exciting device right here.

1. Xbox Game Pass

The new console also includes support for the $10 per month subscription service called Xbox Game Pass. This offers access to thousands of titles including recent blockbusters like Red Dead Redemption 2, Assassin’s Creed Origins and Gears of War 4. For many users it will be worth paying the fee just for those games alone.

2. More Customizable Controller Options

Thanks to Kinect 2 and an overhauled motion controller, gamers can now customize their input using any combination of voice commands or button presses.

3. Better 4K Gaming Experience

As well as supporting UHD Blu-ray discs, the Xbox One X features a custom processor that allows for true 8K content to play at 120 frames a second instead of current 1080p 60fps standard. With better graphics technology, developers are able to create higher quality worlds that offer players a much deeper immersion into game experiences.

4. Improved Hardware & Performance Capabilities

In addition to delivering smoother gameplay, the new console boasts faster hardware and increased power draw, allowing it to run games at a higher frame rate. It can handle up to 1440p 60fps with HDR, while having even greater graphical fidelity with 4K gaming, which promises ultra smooth framerates in excess of 90fps.

5. New Achievements System

Alongside these impressive technical improvements, Microsoft has also introduced some significant changes to how achievements work on its consoles. To unlock achievements you need only complete your tasks, no longer requiring specific completion times or scores. These, combined with online casino Australia games, is potentially explosive!


Despite being one of Microsoft’s weaker performing products, the new Xbox One X is sure to put down a big hit when it goes on sale later this year. If you have been considering buying one, this information should make it easier to figure out what all the fuss is about. If you own an older version of the system however, then you may well find yourself wondering what all the hype surrounding the new console is actually about!

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