Mabl – The Easiest Way to Automate Web Browser Tests

Mabl is one of the easiest software testing tools that helps automate the web browser. It is lightweight and requires no download of heavy software, and its auto-healing feature keeps your automation scripts running even after UI changes. Its native integrations allow you to communicate and track bugs and test results quickly. It also allows you to set up and schedule tests to run on a regular basis. It can be used by both developers and testers.

To start using Mabl, you need to create an environment and an application. The environment contains the URL of your website and the API endpoint. Then you can create your application. You can choose a template environment or use a template plan to speed up the creation process and reduce maintenance. The test plan can be easily modified to match your needs.

For continuous integration, mabl offers integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams. This means that the test results can be automatically pushed to your team whenever you need to take action. This integration provides more visibility into quality efforts and helps your team focus its attention on areas where it is needed most. Moreover, the platform can be connected with any other solution through webhooks, so you can use it to automate your testing pipeline.

Another feature that makes mabl an excellent choice is its ability to update test scripts without affecting master versions. The Mabl CLI can be used by developers to execute tests locally without changing the code, so you can get fast feedback while you’re developing. You can also use the mabl Trainer to automate your manual testing workflows. In addition, mabl integrates with BigQuery, so you can dive deep into your quality insights.

With mabl, developers can easily integrate automated tests into their applications, which improves release pipeline speed and quality. You can also use mabl to create advanced logic and create scriptless tests. This makes collaboration between developers and product owners easier, and helps software companies to innovate faster and achieve greater customer satisfaction. It also helps them develop new features faster for customers, which ultimately leads to higher revenue.

With its smarter approach to front-end testing, mabl uses machine-learning buxic algorithms to optimize test execution and defect detection. It also has a Chrome extension that trains the software to improve its ability to understand the nuances of the application. It also recognizes differences in behavior between test runs. This means that Mabl is less likely to break a test and make it more efficient.

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