Laughter therapy and caricatures

Loud, common laughter in people who just had serious faces – it’s proof that caricature laughter therapy works! The fastest Polish caricaturist from not only draws caricatures very quickly during events. From time to time he conducts professional workshops during which he teaches how to draw caricatures

The cartoons make you laugh

In recent years, laughter therapy has become increasingly popular. Bosses and managers more and more often realize that a satisfied and smiling employee of the company is an important thing for the company. The forms of laughter therapy can be different, but in each case its goal is the same: smile, contentment, stress relief and several other matters affecting the well-being and productivity of employees.

One of the forms of laughter therapy may be activities related to making portrait caricatures. It’s about instant drawing of caricatures live (this is what Szczepan Sadurski from Poland is famous for, called one of the fastest caricaturists in the world), as well as workshops – learning how to draw caricatures. A group of company employees attends a meeting with a famous caricaturist. There is an opportunity to laugh, as well as a personal meeting with a well-known caricaturist who creates cheerful drawings for newspapers and appears in television programs. Such original workshops conducted by Sadurski are, above all, an opportunity to laugh. Also to remember school times when everyone drew with crayons.

Learning to draw caricatures

During the workshops, an experienced caricaturist in a relaxed atmosphere, supplemented with authentic anecdotes and curiosities from his professional career, reveals the secrets of his work to the participants of the meeting. To this information, you can add information related to the company’s activities and the daily work of workshop participants. Classes can be extended with drawing quizzes, thematically related to the company and humorous quizzes that work well on such occasions.

Sadurski, a caricaturist from, conducted such original classes many times (mainly among adults – employees of equal companies). At the company’s headquarters and during incentive and integration meetings outside the company. He also conducted workshops for students of one of the universities in Warsaw.

Laughter therapy and cartoons

Classes can be conducted in groups of different sizes, although a group of 20-30 people is most suitable. The meeting then does not take too much time and does not cause weariness of the participants. Because even such a thing as a large dose of laughter should be skillfully dosed.

The workshop can be concluded with caricatures of all participants, created as always at an amazing pace. Such caricatures are then a nice souvenir after the meeting. A caricature can also be a form of reward for some participants. The prize may also be a caricaturist’s original book with humorous drawings, along with an autograph. The kind you can’t buy in any bookstore.

Who is Szczepan Sadurski?

Sadurski is a satirist and caricaturist who constantly conducts activities that make people laugh. His humorous drawings have been known in Poland for many years, not only from newspapers, books, advertisements and television programmes. For over 20 years he was the publisher of several popular humor, joke and satire magazines. In 2001, he founded an organization called the Good Humor Party. It soon became a worldwide organization that now has several thousand members in many countries. He also owns online portals for entertainment, jokes and trivia. He was invited to meetings and exhibitions in the USA, Australia, Turkey and Europe.

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