How do you make a good responsive website?

The basic idea behind a responsive website is to have one website that looks good on all screen sizes, from mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and desktops. The best way of doing this is to have fluid grids that resize according to the device being used. These are just some of the basics of making a good responsive web design.

Tips to make a good responsive website

There are various ways of making a web design responsive. It is all up to the developer or designer of whatever website they are designing.

1. Using CSS media queries

Media queries are very popular in responsive web design. They allow the developer to instantly see how their site will look across different devices, browsers, and screen sizes. Media queries make it possible for the CSS stylesheet of a website to adapt depending on certain conditions, including orientation or even minimum width. This way, you can design a website to adapt to any screen size, even ones that haven’t been invented yet!

2. Fluid grids and layouts

It is best to use fluid layouts for designers and developers who want control over how their site looks on different screen sizes. These let the website’s content resize according to the device being used. Instead of setting a fixed size to a column, they take up as much room as needed. It means that any device with a screen can access the website, and it will resize depending on the size of the screen.

3. A fast and simple CMS

It may seem overkill, but using a lightweight and easy CMS is essential when creating a website that scales properly on different devices. If the backend of your site is slow, clunky, and difficult to use, then your web designer will have a hard time designing the front end of your website. It means that you may get into lots of problems later in the development process, which can cause major headaches for everyone involved.

4. A good web design

Of course, a great responsive website needs a great web design. Your website needs to look good, and function well no matters the screen size of the device being used. If your website looks like it was designed in 1999 on a modern phone, you shouldn’t be surprised when people don’t want to use it.

5. Compatibility with popular devices

Finally, make sure that your website is compatible with the most popular devices used by your customers. Most people will be using a phone or tablet to access your website, so make sure that it looks good on these and looks great on desktops and laptops. It should work fine across all browsers and operating systems too.

Those are some of the responsive website design tips and ideas to keep in mind when thinking about a good responsive website.

No matter what your web designer tells you, it is always best to include these tips in your next web design project. Whether you’re designing a simple blog or an e-commerce store, these tips will help ensure that everyone can access and use your site easily and without any problems.

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