Guide To Surviving An Escape Room

Are you struggling with accomplishing your escape room goals? Once inside, the only way you can make your way out is by solving several puzzles, performing tasks and discovering clues. The difficulty level of the tasks may range from moderate to complex. Therefore, escape room beginners find it difficult to “escape” in a limited timeframe.

There are approximately forty escape rooms spread across numerous cities in Australia. Yet, escape room beginners seem to struggle every time they enter without strategising.

Do you want to conquer the room on your next visit? Read on to find out how!

3 Steps to Become an Escape Room Champion

The world houses about 50,000 such games alluding to its rising popularity. Even then, newbies find it scary and sometimes extremely difficult to win. This is because they lack strategy and tactics.

With proper strategising and following these steps, you can go from a novice to a professional!

Research on the Escape Room

For maximum chances of success, analyse the theme of the escape room before getting into it.

For example, there are linear as well as non-linear rooms. The former lets you go through the process orderly – you solve one puzzle and move on to the next. On the other hand, the latter asks you to find clues regardless of order.

Once you have valuable information about the type and size of the escape room you’re getting into, your experience will get enhanced.

Strategising with Your Team

To survive any escape room, you will need a crew. It requires the teamwork of about two to six people to get out on time successfully. Therefore, you must have a cooperative and communicative wavelength with your teammates.

As escape room beginners, you all would have to mix your perspectives and skills to solve puzzles. Similarly, you would require an orderly team briefing and choose a Gamemaster to lead.

Having a team will help you look at things differently, find clues faster, and escape before time runs out.

Become an Escapist

You can never be 100% prepared for an escape room. Therefore, once inside, you must immerse yourself in the gameplay.

These are indeed fascinating, but you should never lose sight of your goal. Being with your team will help you overcome challenges.

Moreover, selecting the theme of your puzzles will also help simplify your escape. For example, if you are good with adventure-related puzzles, choosing a fantasy-themed escape room would be ideal.

Remember the Escape Room Etiquettes

Here are some Escape Room rules that you should always adhere to:

  • Always reach 15-20 minutes early.
  • Remember to play with your team, not against them.
  • Feel free to communicate openly.
  • Shut down electronic devices before entering.
  • Keep a cool head and stay calm while playing.

Summing Up

Australia houses numerous escape rooms in cities like Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and more. Therefore, selecting one that suits your requirements and expertise can be accessible.

Make sure to select the suitable theme that appeals to you. Furthermore, being a team player and having a crew would make things easier. Apart from that, you should always follow escape room etiquettes and give your 100%.

Escape room beginners will find it easy to solve the escape room puzzles if they follow these simple steps while preparing.

Get ready to start your escape room journey today!

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