Good NBN Cabling Contractors can Clear things up for you

The National Broadband Network is making its way around the country and it means more property owners need to find NBN installation contractors to help them. That is both business owners and homeowners. There are many options to choose from and making the best decision is a good way to ensure you get the right cabling and any answers you need from reputable professionals.

Who needs a reliable NBN cabling business?

Some homeowners who previously had ADSL are finding they need coaxial cabling running through the property in order to get the NBN service to where the router and modem are. Other business owners and homeowners are finding that rather than more modern cabling the network near them is using fibre to the curb which is old phone lead-in cabling. But because cables and conduits are in some cases decades old the lead-in conduit and or the lead-in cable needs replacing so that the promised speeds and reliability of NBN are possible. Commercial properties and Stara building managers are having problems with NBN causing the Fire Panel phone lines and the Lift emergency phones to disconnect. They need NBN cabling contractors to help resolve these problems.

What can they do?

NBN installation contractors can do a range of things for you, a few of them are included below but to find out more it is best to call them and ask your questions;

  • They can help with moving older FIP ASE or Alarm Signalling Equipment to Dual Radio.
  • They can move the lift phone for emergencies onto a Dual Sim phone emergency system.
  • Install dual SIM system Pixel technologies for emergency lift communication.
  • Help with Centaur, Tyco, ADT and Romtech ASE communication systems.
  • Install new cabling so you are working to peak capacity or are getting the best speeds to your home.
  • Use ACMA registered technicians so can do HFC cabling, copper cabling, optical fibre cabling and Coaxial cabling depending on your NBN cabling requirements.

You also want to find a communication and cabling company that places a lot of importance on keeping their technicians up to date with cabling requirements, and any updates and amendments that happen so that they remain compliant and safe in any work they do. When you have NBN cabling contractors you can trust it makes the process of change and installation and later on repairs, a lot easier to go through.


When you are looking at NBN installation in your area there is a lot of information out there and sometimes it is hard to know what is a fact, what is no longer relevant, and which installation service to trust with your needs. Where the cabling and the other devices go for NBN is based on several factors for your business or home so you need an experienced and qualified team to help you. Make the process a lot easier and less stressful by taking advantage of the knowledge your chosen technicians have.

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