Be it homes or commercial settings like office lounges, one strives for a stellar presentation. The first impression is the best! Many living rooms, lounges and conference rooms often don carpets to add to the room’s beauty. The Australian carpet and rug industry has been steadily increasing to almost $16.32 billion! Research shows that there has been a significant jump in sales from 2019 to 2020.

With the evolving times, people have started experimenting with carpet tiles. For example, Carpet tiles Sydney, Melbourne and nearby areas have been in vogue for the past year due to their quality of work and affordability. Areas like Sydney have carpets and carpet tiles majorly made of nylon and wool, where the leftover fabric gets recycled regularly.

What are carpet tiles?

Regular carpets and rugs are often woven from nylon, olefin or wool fibres. These come in the form of a mat covering a large surface area, typically living room floors. Of course, there are small design carpets too. But rugs are generally heavy due to their intricate weave. They get dusty, and cleaning them is a daunting task! All the furniture need to be moved before removing the carpet. Drying them should be done cautiously, as the handwoven fabric is delicate.

However, carpets add a rich look to any room they occupy. Carpet tiles preserve their aesthetic look while making utility easier. Carpet tiles are square-cut pieces from wall rolls. These can be attached to resemble a carpet. Carpet tiles are often used as an alternative for wall-to-wall carpets in commercial settings like conference halls, bars, restaurants etc.

Dimensions and Specs of carpet tiles

Generally, carpet tiles are available in square cut shapes as they are the most popular choice. They come in three dimensions– 48×48, 50×50 and 90×90. However, many shops that provide Carpet tiles in Sydney and other allied areas offer customized shapes like hexagons, triangles etc. The only add-on here is the complexity during the time of installation. But the teams that provide these services promise a smooth job. Sydney also has a lot of carpet institutes that help perpetuate the growth of the carpet industry.

Types of carpet tiles

Apart from variations in shape, they are made of different materials like wool and nylon. The depths of the carpets tiles are also similar to regular carpets: cut-pile and loop piles. Since almost all these carpet tiles are peeling and sticking types, they have a backing. There is a variety of choices for this material, like urethane, fibreglass, polypropylene, etc.

Many of the shops that provide carpet tiles in Sydney and Adelaide offer several collections of carpet tiles. Here are some famous groups:

  • Armoury: These are dark coloured carpet tiles that make the room look much more remarkable than usual. These are heavy-duty and bold colours like olive green and dark grey. The colour variation is not a lot in this model because it represents simplicity and unidirectionality. The carpet tiles are available in a linear pattern.
  • Urban Minerals: This carpet design range is derived directly from nature, from gemstones like Quartz to natural habitats like mountains. These carpet tiles also mirror the texture and pattern of a natural setting.
  • By the River: While the urban minerals collection reflected the earth and its land, the By the River collection reflects the Australian waters, and the colours resonate with the beauty of Australia’s rivers, ponds and other scenic places.

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