7 Leading Branding and Creative Agencies to Work With in 2022

Without branding, you can’t expect your business to thrive. And branding by no means is an easy job. One might think it’s quite simple and straightforward to connect and engage with your online audience, but how? Did you ever ask yourself this question?

Branding is a step-by-step process. You introduce your brand, produce noteworthy content, build a connection with your audience, give incentives to attract business, and finally (after years-long effort) become a brand!

Easy, isn’t it? You know the answer. If you spend so much of your precious time and limited resources in branding, how would you take care of the bottom line?

So the wise thing to do is hire a branding agency and let them do the creative work while you cater to the traffic coming to your website and social media.

Below, you can find the finest global branding and creative agencies you can hire for this job.

7 Leading Branding and Creative Agencies to Work With in 2022


TUNGSTEN is a globally recognized company for branding and creative work. Their team focuses on creating crystal clear brand identities that shine. The company was founded in 2000 by branding expert Phil Davis.

They started small but today they are providing branding consulting to startups, globally popular entrepreneurs, franchises, divisions, corporations, and non-profit agencies.

The people behind TUNGSTEN named the company based on the filament in the light bulb, the one that Thomas Edison found after countless experiences with metals. Filament absorbs energy and translates into light. The TUNGSTEN company wants to achieve the same in the branding landscape.

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2. Niftic

The founding partners of this agency have been through some tough times, they were raised on agency floors and boardrooms. The early hardships made them naturally tough. So no matter how difficult the task at hand is, they know how to get it done.

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Niftic employs the finest creative and techy talent that can deliver the best possible results for their clients. At the core of what they do is who they do it for. The team focuses on the data to get creative inspiration and devise new ideas, so every branding campaign stands out from the rest!

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3. Twelve12

Do you have an e-commerce store, want to attract more traffic to it? Twelve12 is a great agency to collaborate with for social media marketing and e-commerce branding – and yes, you don’t need to be a tech geek for that.

From creative work to technical work, you can rely on their professionals to get the job done in a neat manner. They will develop your identity and help to sell more.

From branding, traditional marketing, web design, video production, and software development, all services can be availed under the same roof.

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LEXICON is on a mission to help start-ups create original and effective branding solutions. The company was founded in 1982 and since the very first day its core focus is to create names that help companies establish new products and services efficiently.

The company’s branding solutions are based on the fundamental insight that the name should sound familiar so people can relate and trust. These two traits are essential for success.

Their creative team believes your brand name should tell a story and reflect the problems you solve. They are capable of generating hundreds of ideas at once for a single brand so the stakeholders can have enough options to choose from.

5. Matchstic

The Matchstic believes that identity is essential. How would a brand stand out in an industry if people don’t instantly judge you from your name, mission and vision?

The creative team helps brands uncover and express what makes them unique and how they can drive culture forward. The company has writers, photographers, illustrators, branding strategists, and artists to take your brands to new heights.

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6. Digital Gravity

Digital Gravity is a creative and branding agency in Dubai. Digital Gravity has served worldwide popular brands like Yamaha, Suzuki, and Coroli. From branding to digital marketing, web development web design, and mobile app development, the company is a 360 degree IT firm.

For branding, you can get a free consultation from their creative experts. Having helped so many small businesses to forge their way ahead in highly competitive markets, they know what strategy is right for your industry.

7. RBH

The RBH was founded in 1995 as a place where people come to work every morning. The co-founders say this is a place to collaborate. Whatever your query is or whatever service you are looking for related to branding, they are ready to help.

Creativity is something that can’t be learned or enforced. Their creative team loves what they do and pushes themselves to do more because the pleasure is always there.

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Now then when you are introduced to some of the best branding agencies in the world, it’s your job to reach out to them and ask your questions. Be crystal clear about your goals and state them before getting on board so there’s no confusion or inconvenience in the end for both parties.

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