4 Smart Ways to Take Care of Lace Lingerie 

Every girl needs several pairs of delicate underwear. They spend a lot of money on lace lingerie to make them look and feel sexy when worn. Since these undergarments cost a lot, you may want to keep them in pristine condition for a while. But sometimes, washing these delicate garments can ruin their form.

If you intend to take better care of your lacy bras and panties, you need to ensure that you do everything you can to avoid wear and tear. Here are several tricks that can help you maintain your lacy undies’ top form.

Tip #1: Hand Washing 

To ensure the proper care of your delicate undies, you must always wash them by hand after every use. Undies made with lace are extremely soft and fragile. Experts often recommend washing it by hand using cold water and mild detergent soap.

Aside from this tip, it is also necessary to sort out your lace undergarment based on their colours. Then wash the light-coloured garments first before the darker ones. It is also best to lessen the amount of detergent used in washing the underwear to avoid residue buildups. If the lingerie is soiled, you can leave it to soak for several minutes before gently scrubbing. Most importantly, you must never twist, pull, or wring these garments to prevent compromising their delicate fabric.

Tip #2: Machine Washing

While washing lace lingerie in washing machines is highly discouraged, there are times when you are left with no choice but to machine wash your delicates. It would be best to use a front-load washing machine to face this situation since it is gentler than a top load.

It is also best to use delicate-specific laundry washing bags for undergarments with colours to avoid snagging. To avoid tearing the fragile fabric, you must also fasten the clasps and hooks and tie loose embellishments. Once inside the machine, you must choose the gentle cycle mode and use laundry detergents made specifically for delicates. After the cycle is over, you must remove it from the machine right away.

Tip #3: Drying

After carefully washing your delicate lacy undergarments, it is best to ensure that you will also handle the drying process of these items so you can use them for a very long time.

When drying your underwear, you must avoid putting them in the dryer. These machines can shrink and destroy fabrics or bend the bra’s delicate underwires. While it is best to air-dry these garments, you must remember to keep them out of the sun’s direct heat to preserve their colour. You may also gently pat these pieces instead of wringing them to expedite their drying time. Most importantly, you need to avoid ironing lace undergarments as much as possible.

Tip #4: Stain Remover

There are times when you accidentally cause a stain on your lacy underwear, especially if you are having your period. Since lace fabric is very fragile, using stain removers must be avoided to avoid breaking the fabrics.

Because you need to get rid of the stains and odours, you may use baking soda as a natural alternative to bleach. You may cover the stain with baking soda and rub the powder into the stain using a scrub brush or your fingers. The water will turn the baking soda into a paste. Once the stain is removed, you can start rinsing it and then repeat on the other side. As soon as you notice that the stain is gone, you can start washing it using your regular washing routine.

Taking care of your lace undergarments will help you enjoy the gentle and delicate pieces of clothing for as long as possible. As a result, you will save a lot of money since you do not have to buy plenty of lingerie every time.

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