3 Things to Know About Dental Implants Before Getting Them in Sydney

With an over 95% success rate, dental implants have become a popular procedure globally to address lost teeth. In Sydney, dental implants have been considered the top and most common method for teeth replacement for patients of all ages.

But what makes it so special? Why are people clamoring for this procedure? To give you a better idea of what dental implants Sydney is, this article will have everything you need to know about it.

How do dental implants work?

Having a missing tooth can affect your smile, appearance, and confidence. It can also affect your eating and speaking habits. Plus, if not addressed properly, a missing tooth can lead to bone law in your jugular area.

In Sydney, there are numerous dental options to address a missing tooth, but the primary choice of many people remains to be dental implants. Here’s why.

Dental Implants Sydney is a type of cosmetic dental surgery that involves screwing titanium roots into your upper or lower jaw to bond with the existing bone structure. This root will then work as an anchor for the false tooth to be placed. After the adjustment period, the false tooth will look and feel natural.

Besides the aesthetic benefits of dental implants, patients experience other health-related benefits. These include:

Keeping your jaws strong and healthy

Unlike dentures that sit passively on top of your gums, dental implants are surgically placed in your jaw as a root for your implanted tooth. Because of this, the implant prevents gum recession and bone loss, which are both common problems people experience with dentures.

In addition, when you lose a tooth due to decay or accidents, your jaw bone area can lose up to 25% of its volume. If not addressed immediately, it can lead to further deterioration. Dental implants prevent this from happening by stimulating a tooth root in your bone structure to maintain bone health.

  • Maximizing functionality. Once placed in your jaw, dental implants offer better stability so you can maximize the function of your mouth and jaw. More specifically, dental implants can restore up to 90% of chewing function.
  • Offering security and comfort. With dental implants, you don’t have to worry about your teeth moving around or your removable dentures falling off. Since they’re anchored to your jawbone, they are secure and kept in place, no matter the activity. So, you can do any activity you want without the inconvenience of removing implants.
  • Offering a long-term solution for tooth loss. As a biocompatible material, dental implants integrate naturally into your bone structure, making them an effective solution for missing teeth. Compared to other options, dental implants can be a permanent solution if they’re kept in good condition. As such, they can be seen as a significant investment of your time and money.

How much does the procedure cost?

Due to innovation and Sydney’s state-of-the-art technology, dentists are better equipped to undergo dental implants. This means they can cater to the different needs of every patient and provide an effective dental implant treatment plan. However, to do so, patients require consultation and comprehensive oral examination to determine the proper course of action.

Depending on the proposed treatment, the cost of dental implants in Sydney can range anywhere from $3,000 to $7,000 per tooth. Fortunately, these are permanent solutions that can last you a lifetime. That said, dental implants are an incredible investment if you have missing teeth.

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