10 PodCast Promotion Strategies To Grow Your Business

Promotion of your business podcast is one surefire way to grow your business network through audio broadcasts. Although many podcasts are filled with entertainment content, you can create your business podcast so that it can give a touch of business content to podcast listeners. Apart from that, there are also many benefits to using podcasts too! So, what kind of topic about podcasts will we discuss this time, see the complete information below.

What are Podcasts?

Podcast is a broadcast that is generally non-streamed in moviesverse the form of audio and is drafted with content tailored to a particular topic. This podcast has also been widely used by the public for information needs for news, science, etc. and can be repeated. Then, generally Podcasts are formed according to certain categories or topics to make them more unique and target a more specific target market. Examples of some categories in podcasts are Arts, Business, Comedy, Education, Games & Hobbies, Health etc. Click here Mallumusic for more information.

Why Do You Need a Podcast Maker?

Podcasts are now growing in the world and are in great demand by the public. Well, if you are a business person or someone who wants to be a content creator, you need to build your podcast so that what you want can be heard and reach many people.

Here are the reasons why you need to create a Podcast:

  1. Build closeness with listeners
  2. Have the opportunity to chat and learn from experts in their fields that you invite to guest on your podcast
  3. Gaining recognition as an expert in a particular field
  4. Be a unique way of displaying your content

Podcast Promotion Strategy

To make your podcast promotion strategy even more successful, here is a summary of 10 podcast promotion strategies quoted from the site that you can learn from.

1. Make the Most of Your Visitors’

Make it easy for your visitors by adding images in the form of quotes that are in agreement with them. For example, when you promote an invitation via email, social media, etc., you can add a quote image with your podcast link address so that it will make it easier for people side effects of primobolan to ‘share’ with their friends on the media they use.

2. Promote on Social Media

Today, social media is a platform that has millions of visitors every day. Well, one way to attract people to listen to your podcast is to share it on social media. You can do regular podcast updates to your social media.

3. Update Your Podcast Minimum 3 Episodes on Launch Day

If you are just starting out in building your podcast, try not to only update the podcast for 1 episode at the beginning, but 3-5 episodes. This is because your podcast gets more attention than using 1 episode in launching your podcast.

4. Your Podcasts can be Converted to Youtube Videos

Youtube is a platform that is visited by alltimesmagazine many as entertainment with video shows. For that, so that your podcast can attract visitors from YouTube, turn your podcast into a separate video to be updated on your YouTube content. Then as a recommendation, you can name your video podcast something like “Talk about … with …” . Then, don’t forget as much as possible to add a description to your YouTube video content and subtitles to make it more helpful in understanding the information being discussed.

5. Submit Your Podcast to Podcasters

Podcasters is the name for applications both on Android and so on that can display your podcasts. The podcast app makes it easy for you to show podcasts and reach people who love to hear podcasts. In addition, by updating in several different podcast applications, it means that you can reach the existing users in those applications so that it further expands your market reach. Plus, the opportunity to add new fans and be able to collaborate with other podcast owners. Examples of podcast applications include Downcast, TuneIn, Noice, Overcast, etc

6. Transcribe Audio

To make your podcast even easier to understand, you can add a transcript of your podcast audio into the description. You can do it manually or if you don’t want to bother you can use a paid service provider of audio transcription services such as

7. Create Your Podcast Enhancement Program

Podcasts will look successful in the first two weeks after the podcast launch period. So, within two weeks, you can make efforts to increase your podcast listeners, such as:

– Create a giveaway program

– Make announcements about your new podcast that will be broadcast on Instagram or Facebook live

– Publish content in the form of podcast themes for the two weeks

– Send information about the podcast content that will be broadcast using email

– Post your podcast content either before the broadcast or during the two weeks on your social media

8. Create a Giveaway Event

Giving away an item for free or certain vouchers can motivate people to be interested in listening to your podcast. To get the prize, you can ask people to tag their friends and comment on your podcast.

9. Invite Guest Stars, Influencers or Experts in Certain Fields

Another great strategy that can increase people’s interest in listening to your podcast is to invite an influencer or an expert in a particular field to your podcast. This can give you an advantage by attracting the guest star’s followers to listen to your podcast so that you get new listeners for your podcast biographyer.

10. Guest on Other People’s Podcasts

If point nine is that you invite guest stars to your podcast, then in point 10, you can guest star on other people’s podcasts. The advantage of being a guest on other people’s podcasts is that you can promote your podcast or the products of your business to the podcast listeners of the people who invite you. That way, you have reached a new market in that person’s podcast.


Podcasts are a unique marketing strategy in reaching new markets by broadcasting via audio. In addition, using podcasts also provides another advantage, namely adding to the new experience by bringing guest stars to talk to on your podcast. Hopefully useful and don’t forget to keep up with the development of information about online business at here 

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